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About H.A.W.K.S.

Our Mission

Our objective is to develop targeted and age-appropriate cybersecurity education content for youth, with the aim of enhancing their online safety and fostering a deeper understanding of cyber-safety.

We are committed to creating comprehensive and captivating educational materials that cater to the specific needs and risks faced by young individuals. Recognizing the distinctive challenges and vulnerabilities encountered by different age groups online, our content is carefully designed to address these issues in a relevant and easily accessible manner. Furthermore, our dedication to diversity and inclusion ensures that our materials are culturally sensitive and capable of reaching a wide range of young people.

Through providing opportunities to learn about cyber safety and promoting good digital citizenship, our ultimate goal is to empower young individuals to navigate their online lives with confidence, ensuring their well-being and security.

Meet our Team

Headshot_Rima Khatib_edited_edited.jpg

Website Director; Assistant Professor, Business Technology Management

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Sydney Fabbricino

Website Designer; User Experience Design


Tess Kibzey

Website Designer; User Experience Design

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MB381 Students

Content Creators

The H.A.W.K.S. Initiative

We aim to increase youth awareness of cyberthreats, the inherent dangers present online, and effective methods of self-protection in a unique and captivating manner. Chaired by Dr. Rima Khatib, this project strives to foster a comprehensive learning experience. Students actively contribute to the development of the website, while other youth engage with the contents it offers. By adopting a 360-degree learning approach, we ensure a dynamic educational journey for all participants.

Our History

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive learning experience that immerses students in the process of creating engaging website content, while simultaneously reaching out to a broader audience of young individuals through captivating and informative materials.

We adopt a non-traditional approach that emphasizes interactive and multimedia content, ensuring both enjoyment and educational value. By actively involving students in the development of these resources, our intention is to cultivate a sense of ownership and investment in the project. Additionally, this participation equips them with valuable skills in digital media production and enhances their understanding of cyber safety. Ultimately, we are confident that this innovative methodology will heighten youth awareness of the existing cyber threats and hazards online, empowering them to confidently navigate their digital lives.

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